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For Foreigners, Sharp Holidays offers Rajasthan Tour Packages from Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Morocco, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Oman, Hong Kong & Macau, Canada, Europe, USA, South Africa, Australia, Germany, England, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, China, Spain, France, Italy, Qatar and Nigeria. Find great discounts and latest deals on various Rajasthan Holiday Packages.

Live like Kings and Queens in the Royal land of Rajasthan

A magnificent escape in the northwest of India, Rajasthan is a wonderful escape for all the holiday lovers providing some excellent opportunities to explore the true India. As we said, Rajasthan is probably the only place in India that truly reflects the true picture of Rajasthan and lets you relive the era gone by and experience royalty as the kings and Queens of Rajasthan would have, providing you the mini opportunity to be Kings and Queens yourself. Rajasthan Tour Packages are also a great addition to your India Holiday. The largest state in India, Rajasthan is a great place to witness the majestic amalgam of history and culture of India getting some delightful experiences. This place is truly one of its kind offering a great travel escaoe in the lap of true India awaiting you in all its glory and credibility.

A magnificent place to experience ancient forts and extravagant palaces to swirl your lady love in while you are on your Rajasthan honeymoon package. One would find a lot of great tourist places to visit in Rajasthan in India which will transport you back to the Golden era of India that symbolized glory. With the enchanting folk dances to the high rising sand dunes, Rajasthan will amaze you beyond words.

Also, the food and cuisines of Rajasthan are truly delightful making you fall in love with Rajasthan, savour in the delightful taste of daal baati or try the authentic Rajasthani thali and fall in love with Rajasthan like nowhere else.

With some of the best lakes to spend you evenings by while being on a family holiday to Rajasthan, this place will delight you like no other place and will offer you a vast plethora of panoramic experiences that you would not want to forget in your entire lifetime and would want to remember for the rest of your lives! This incredible state of India will offer you the most magical colours to paint the canvas of your travel diary and your life with and gain some of the life altering experiences awaiting you in Rajasthan. Let all your travel dreams come to life while you enjoy a great stay in Rajasthan.

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